82: Midwifery: Ann of The Midwife Center Dispels the Myths and Prepares You for the Process

The Midwife Center for Birth & Women’s Health promotes wellness by providing exceptional, client-centered primary gynecological, pregnancy and birthing care in southwestern Pennsylvania’s only independent birth center.

The Midwife Center aims to provide exceptional, personalized, client-centered care to a large, diverse clientele. The Midwife Center focuses its outreach efforts on communities who experience poor health outcomes in order to have a more significant impact on improving the health of people in our region. Recognized for providing the highest quality care, The Midwife Center participates in research, provides midwifery education to future providers, and advocates for improved midwifery regulations and reimbursements. 

I recently had a delightful and informative conversation with Ann McCarthy, CNM, MSN, and Clinical Director of The Midwife Center. 

Have you or someone you know been thinking about having a birthing experience with a midwife? Please take a listen to my chat with Ann as she dispels the myths surrounding Midwifery and walks us through the truly incredible and inspiring process of giving birth with a Midwife by your side.

Resource: www.midwifecenter.org

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