54: Two Hearts Create One Delightful Children's Book

A mother’s love lasts for eternity. It knows no bounds and transcends all things. Mothers can love on this earth and beyond the earthly realm. This has never been more evident to me than whenever I spoke with Audrey McCurdy...

Audrey Johnson McCurdy is an artist; A writer, painter and photographer.  She worked for the Music/Entertainment Industry & photographed such greats as Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith & more… Her photographs have appeared in many Music Trade magazines, L.A. Times, Arizona newspapers and books of photography.

Born and raised in San Fernando, California, she now lives in Arizona and is the author of an delightful children’s book titled Zoo-Sa-Paloosa: Time with Esa.

 Zoo-Sa-Paloosa will whisk you away on a wonderful, fun-filled adventure! Esa~Bella, an 8- year-old girl with such a vivid imagination, takes YOU around the world simply by visiting the Zoo.Esa~Bella and her family spends a WILD day "flying" to India, Africa, Australia and more, and guess what... this book is YOUR passport for this crazy day romp. A ZOO visit like no other!

I recently spoke with Audrey about her career as a photojournalist and the inspiration behind her latest and dearest project Zoo-Sa-Paloosa.
What I discovered was both heart breaking and heart-warming. This conversation was life-changing for me and served as a reminder that we mothers should always make an effort to count our blessings every chance we get. Please take a listen to our conversation.

Resources: ajohnsonmccurdy.com, Zoo-Sa-Paloosa: Time with Esa

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