42: Raising teens without the stress

Raising teens…just saying that makes my heart race! While I’m the mother of two toddlers, I know so many of you are raising teenagers and let’s face it; raising teens in this day and age is no easy task! Today’s teenagers are dealing with so much from academic stresses to social media and so much more. 

Today’s guest is here to coach you through the challenges that come with raising teenagers, while also giving all of us moms some sound advice on raising children of all ages with her universal messages and advice.

Deborah C. Owen is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling author dedicated to reducing stress and conflict between parents and their children. As a renowned speaker, parenting expert, life coach and National Board Certified Teacher you may have seen her quoted on CBS, ABC, Fox or NBC.

As the creator of the “Pied Piper Parenting” model Deborah transforms frayed and frenzied families back to health and happiness through compassionate leadership. Her company You Can Raise Great Kids offers innovative training and parent coaching to keep emotions in check while communicating more effectively with kids for both peace and the best outcomes. Beyond her own experience as a parent of three, Deborah has spent many years in the public school system as a dedicated teacher of teens from all backgrounds.

Deborah’s articles have appeared in numerous journals and her latest book Social Media Fascination offers guidelines for teaching kids how to use social media with a purpose.

Join me and Deborah as we discuss raising our children in a way that encourages growth within our kids while also diminishing household stress.

For more information, visit www.youcanraisegoodkids.com

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