27: Mother May I on how to teach your kids good manners

Yes sir. No sir. Yes ma’am. No ma’am. Please. Thank you. These are words and phrases that you really don’t hear that often nowadays. In my personal, humble opinion, having manners is a must in this world even if it means you are the only one in the room using them.

Mother May I is certified nationally to teach and train Corporate Etiquette, International Protocol and Family/Community Social Skills by the Protocol School of Washington. Mother May I develops customized classes that impress the need for civility, respect and accountability in the workplace, family, and community.

Are you a parent looking for tips on how to teach your child manners? Join me for a chat with Mother May I co-founder, Lisa Iadicicco, as she provides you with incredible and practical tips for teaching manners to children of all ages!

For more information on Mother May I, please visit www.mothermayimanners.com

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