25: Shane W. Evans and Taye Diggs collaborate on children's book

Shane Evans and Taye Diggs are longtime friends who first started talking about Chocolate Me! while they were in college.

It's so hard to imagine that there was a time when Taye Diggs was teased and bullied for his appearance, but as you turn the pages of his children's book Chocolate Me! you will soon discover a world that is all too familiar to most of us.

Indeed this is a children's book that is near and dear to my heart for many reasons.Chocolate Me! Is full of delicious life lessons for all of us, young and old! For everyone who has ever felt different, who has wished to be someone else, Chocolate Me! is a celebration of how sweet and lovely and delicious you are!

Join me as I speak with Shane about his collaboration with Taye on Chocolate Me! and so much more!

For more information, please visit www.chocolatemetoo.com

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