46: Overcoming the Unthinkable Using Single Steps

There are some people you meet in life and you instantly get the feeling that your life will never be the same simply because they’ve inspired you and opened your eyes to new possibilities. Mary Grace Musuneggi is one of those people for me. 

For over 35 years, Mary Grace Musuneggi been helping individuals and small business owners to develop comprehensive strategies for pursuing their financial goals. An award winning entrepreneur, she is President & CEO of The Musuneggi Financial Group. She is also a financial educator, author and motivational speaker who frequently lectures on financial planning and lifestyle issues.

Throughout her career, Mary Grace often met women who were facing challenges that dramatically influenced their lifestyles and the quality of their lives. In response to this, Mary Grace founded Single Steps Strategies, a life planning program that helps women work towards abundant, balanced and successful lives. Single Steps Strategies recently celebrated ten years of empowering women through information and education.

Mary Grace is the author of Single Steps: Strategies for Abundant Living.

Mary Grace is a woman and a mother whose journey has the power to inspire, empower and encourage all of us. I was so humbled and honored to spend some time with Mary Grace at her house not too long ago, and today I am thrilled that you too will get to know this incredible woman!

Resources: Single Steps: Strategies for Abundant Living mfgplanners.com

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