45: Autism: Mother shares her journey and wisdom

I am so inspired by the moms I meet both virtually and in person. I have discovered that while there are variations in our journeys, we share common threads including many of the joys, fears, triumphs and challenges that form a beautiful mosaic known as life.

Rachelle Wade is a mother whose story I’m sure will resonate with so many of you. I came across her blog and was touched by her words that I immediately reached out to her in hopes that she would be a guest on the show.

Rachelle Wade is a wife and mom raising two amazing boys (one who has Asperger's Syndrome). Sassy Aspie Mom is Rachelle’s Facebook Page and Blog. It is Rachelle’s desire to create an outreach to other moms going through trying times. Rachelle knows from first-hand experience that raising children on the spectrum can be exhausting and challenging! She firmly believes that parents of children living with autism have to take back our lives, so they can be warriors for their kids.

Rachelle is truly wise beyond her years and I really appreciated our candid mom talk that we had over the summer. Her heart is warm, her words are wise and her experiences are real. Whether you are raising a child or children with special needs, or just raising children period, this mom talk is full of encouragement and takeaways. 

Resource: Sassy Aspie Mom

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