72: From Virtual to Personal, Covey Mom Has Us Covered

Vanessa Jameson is a CMU computer science graduate. She started working at Google’s Pittsburgh office in 2011 and, shortly afterwards, became pregnant. In a few moments, Vanessa is going to share with you how she merges a mother’s need for a village with today’s cutting-edge technology through her ingenious app Covey Mom.

Available on Android and iPhone, Covey Mom is a free app allows moms to connect with other moms in their area who have children of a similar age, bringing online interactions into real life. Mothers can simply download the app, set up a profile and start searching for area moms. Ideally, these app-based connections will then naturally progress to play dates and other face-to-face interactions.

Vanessa and I have come together to provide you with a Mom Talk Covey where you can connect with me, Vanessa and your fellow Mom Talk fans! All you have to do is download the Covey Mom app for free in the app store on your mobile device – your cell phone and/or tablet and join the Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa Covey. Just click on the cute little bird below! ;)

It is my deepest hope that you’ll take advantage of this amazing opportunity to connect with other moms who share your joys and challenges. Let’s kick off the new year as a sisterhood on Covey Mom!

Listen to learn more about Covey Mom and be sure to download the Covey App!

Resource: www.CoveyMom.com

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