65: Doing Business as Family

I am so excited about today’s guest because we met at the Podcast Movement conference earlier this year. We instantly connected and I knew she would have a lot of great insight to contribute to the Mom Talk community.

In 2010, after working at various other jobs (including three years climbing the ranks at a popular technology company), Katie Archer joined the successful design firm her husband had started seven years earlier, taking on the role of Operations Manager. Katie stayed on when their company was acquired by a larger digital agency in 2014. Between the various operational roles she’s held over the years, Katie has learned a lot about how businesses work behind the scenes.

Over time, the skills and tools Katie learned in the business world inspired her to try new things within her family. People don’t always think of business and family as being compatible, but the perspectives Katie has learned in her career helped her see the ways that they overlap.

Katie started DBA Family (“Doing Business as Family”) because she wanted to share these insights, perspectives, and solutions with others who also might find them helpful. Whether you’re an executive mom, an entrepreneurial dad, a couple running a mom-and-pop shop, or simply someone who’s interested in strengthening their family, Katie hopes you’ll join her as she explore ways to take lessons and tools from the world of business and apply them creatively in our homes and families.

Please take a listen as Katie explains how we can do business as family.

P.S. Shout out to Super Shuttle! Love you guys! :)

Resource: www.dbafamily.com

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