67: A Thanksgiving Miracle

Charise Brunner is a wife and mother of 3 young daughters ages 6, 3, and 2. This stay home mom loves to cook, clean, laundry, budget, parks, walks, paints, games, family bike rides, and spend quality time reading to the family. Charise has a rich multiracial, multicultural, and spiritual heritage.  When Charise has time away from raising a family, she is busy dreaming and moving in creative ability as a Designer.  She creates prophetic Jewelry Art, and is also new to the stage as an entrepreneur designing tailored plans, systems, mentoring, and events for busy families, small businesses, and Independent Consultants in Direct Sales.

Charise Brunner refers to herself as "The Heart Mom," for a reason...her newborn had to undergo multiple open heart surgeries within days of being born. You DO NOT want to miss the story of this Thanksgiving Miracle that will have you hugging your child or children a little tighter. 

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