62: Inspiring Our Children to Achieve Their Dreams

Alika was born in Richmond, California and currently resides in Lithonia, Georgia at the age of 32 she knew it was time to focus on her dream to become a children’s book author. Her amazing son Makaio gave her so much inspiration during and after her writing process. Aside from being a new author Alika works full time for the Department of Juvenile Justice, she is also in school part-time at Westwood College.

Alika's The June Peters book series, aims to encourage young children by teaching them the value of giving back to others. Through this series, children will learn that at any age they can make a difference in the world. It also shows parents the many ways of supporting your child’s dream and building character at the same time. What makes June so special? Her ability as a young child to put her needs and wants aside to help others. Alika wanted to make June realistic to young children. There is no reason why a child who wants to make a positive impact in the world, cannot due to the lack of resources or support. June has so much support from her family, which plays a tremendous part in any child’s life and helps them to stay encouraged.

Please join me and Alika as we have a mom talk about single parenthood, and how to inspire our children to live out their dreams. 

Resources: Reading is Golden and A.R.T. Books 4 Kids

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