BONUS: The MomCon 2015

Being a mom is the most challenging and rewarding job you will ever have. Benefits include fingerpainted masterpieces for your fridge and moments of pure bliss, but your vacation days are limited and never come with pay. When homework, overtime, soccer practice, and everything else starts to pile up, even the most cool and collected mom could use a friendly ear.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tribe of moms out there
willing to share the triumphs and struggles that come with motherhood?

Natalie Kovacic and Nicole Mildren thought so, too.

Since 2013, the MomCon has been bringing women together to talk about parenthood, careers, relationships and what their version of “having it all” looks like. It was created to inspire moms to go after their goals, to rediscover their creativity and to remind them that children are not the only members of the household who should grow and learn.

Whether you’re working toward leading the PTA or hoping to earn your MBA, you’ll love sharing a cup of coffee, a meal, and learning new ideas with other women like you.

I recently had a mom talk with The MomCon ( founder/event manager, Natalie Kovacic where we discussed the inspiration behind the conference. Enter to WIN a FREE ticket to The MomCon 2015 below!

While this podcast is sponsored by The MomCon, all opinions remain my own. See you there! xoxoxo