58: She's a BOSS. She's YOU! Motivational Chat with Chanel

Chanel is a wife & mother of three great kids who are guaranteed to keep her busy with sports and all.

At an early age, Chanel dreamed of owning her own business. She learned at an early age how to turn her passion into a profit. 

Chanel knew she had  many gifts and talents, so she tried many entrepreneurial ventures. Chanel knew she was blessed but she felt stuck at the same time. She had this creative mind that never seemed to turn off. And just couldn't figure out her to turn all of that into her business.

After years and years of dreaming, Chanel finally figured out how to turn her passion into her business & no longer just a hobby. Now that she is able to live out her true passion, which is helping, connecting with and empowering other women, she wouldn't have it any other way!
But what got her to this point? She had to get the nerve to stop dreaming about it and make it happen.  And once she did that, her entire life journey made sense.  And she can truly say she is now fulfilled.  

Even when those inevitable "ugh" days surface, Chanel powers through and keeps it moving with gratitude because she's doing what she loves every day, and is here to help you do the same! 

Please join me and Chanel for this inspiring conversation!

Resource: www.chanelboydallen.com

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