5 Reasons Why I Became a Positive Discipline Parent Educator

I am 35 years old, so for me to believe that what worked for my generation of Pac Man, walkmans and Jem and the Holograms will work for my daughters' generation of Netflix, tablets and iTunes is simply absurd!

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No more bedtime drama!

Bedtime is supposed to be a peaceful time to unwind and prepare for a good night's rest. However, parents of young children are all too familiar with bedtime drama. From whining for more water to shadow freak-outs, bedtime can be anything but peaceful. 

With my husband's crazy work schedule, I often find myself having to hold it down at bedtime. Perhaps one of the MOST stressful times in our daily routine has been bedtime. Enough was enough, so I started searching for practical solutions. As always, whenever I discover something that works for my household, I love to share it with you...

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