Helping pet-loving families raise compassionate kids through children's books

Teaching children to show compassion towards our pets can be a delicate and challenging task. Pets are not just a part of the family; they are family. Creating a safe and loving environment for our children and our pets is essential to the overall balance and function of the family unit. Luckily, parents can utilize children's books as valuable learning tools and resources for situations like this. Author Diane Rose-Solomon provides teachable moments for families in her JJ The American Dog children's picture book series. 

My two girls absolutely love the JJ The American Street Dog series of books! It amazes me that Diane Rose-Solomon has managed to pack these books full of invaluable lessons and tips on animal homelessness, basic animal care, pet adoption and the unconditional love people get from their family pet. Sadly, our family pet, my beloved cat Ailey, passed away just weeks after I introduced Diane's books to my daughters. Fortunately, my girls and cat always got along very well. However, I immediately witnessed a change within my girls upon reading the JJ The American Street Dog series to my little ones. They would pet Ailey with extra care, make sure she was comfortable, talk about how we should treat her kindly and so much more. 

JJ The American Street Dog is a delightful story about a little girl named Maya and how her dream of having a dog comes true in an unexpected way - animal adoption. In its sequel, JJ Goes to Puppy Class, Maya's new, adopted dog, JJ, gets enrolled in positive obedience training classes. Both stories are full of lessons involving the process of pet adoption and showing love, patience, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love towards our family pets. This children's book series is heart-warming, entertaining and informative, an absolute treat!

Whether you have a family pet, plan on having one or prefer not to have any family pets, the JJ The American Street Dog children's book series is an invaluable resource to teach our little ones and adults how to be kind to our furry friends and give them the love and care they both need and deserve!