5 ways podcasts help MOMS

I was pregnant with baby #2, unemployed and raising a toddler. Needless to say, I thought I was losing my mind! Never before had I felt so full of joy and terror at the same time. So, how did I cope? Well, I was able to find comfort, peace and inspiration through podcasts!

Many people associate podcasts (a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically) with tech nerds, entrepreneurs and long commutes. But I am here to tell you that podcasts are the perfect fit for mothers like you and me! Here are 5 ways podcasts help MOMS...

Podcasts can help you GROW as a woman and a mother

I love how podcasts leave information and resources at your fingertips! You can truly grow as both a woman and a mother by listening to podcasts that meet your needs. Having issues with a picky eater? Can't get your baby on a decent sleep schedule? Just tune in to a podcast episode to instantly receive encouragement and information to make your journey smoother!

Podcasts are great for MULTITASKING

Let's face it: Mothers are the best at multitasking! One of the reasons why podcasts are a perfect fit for mothers is because you can take your favorite show with you everywhere you go! Podcasts can be easily accessed via your smartphone and tablet (as well as your PC or laptop), so you can pop in some ear buds and listen to the latest episode on how to get organized while you clean your house or do the laundry.

Podcasts build COMMUNITY

As mothers, we can often feel like we are all alone in the journey of motherhood. Sometimes we shy away from sharing our deepest joys and challenges for fear that we may be negatively judged or seen as not having a clue about motherhood. A mother can find a community of moms who are experiencing similar joys and challenges through a podcast that has established a following. In addition, you can share your latest podcast find with a mom friend. This will give the two of you an opportunity to chat about at your next lunch date. 

Podcasts are FREE 

Very rarely will you find a podcast that costs you money to access. In fact, there are countless podcasts on iTunes, independent websites and more, that are absolutely free to subscribe and listen to! You will soon discover that there are podcasts about virtually any topic you can imagine - from parenting, to starting a business, to knitting and countless more.

Podcasts are just for YOU

There are a plethora of podcasts to choose from. It's so easy to find a podcast that is tailored to your needs and interests. You do not have the luxury of selecting specific episodes to listen to at your convenience when listening to the radio. Instead, you have to tune in at a specific time, or you miss out. With podcasts, you can select specific episodes to listen to at your convenience - whether it's late at night right before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning whenever you are sipping on your morning cup of coffee or tea. 

How do you listen to podcasts?

So, exactly how do you access and listen to podcasts? Follow these steps:

  1. Find podcasts: You can access podcasts on your smartphone or tablet via apps like iTunes for Apple products, or Stitcher for Android devices. You can also locate podcast episodes on a host's website if you are already familiar with a podcast.
  2. How to listen: You can place your smartphone or tablet on the kitchen counter while doing dishes, for instance, or you can connect earbuds to your device and go about your daily activities like working out or cleaning house. 
  3. Subscribe: For your convenience, you can subscribe to your favorite podcast so that episodes will automatically be uploaded onto your mobile device, tablet or PC. This will save you time searching for a podcast that you tune in to on a regular basis. 
  4. Enjoy: Enjoy the podcast experience and spread the word! Podcast apps are being placed in new vehicles nowadays and for good reason - over 39 million people tune in to podcasts every month!

Have you checked out my podcast, Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa? If not, be sure to do so and let me know what you think. ;)