Why I am supporting the #fosterloveproject

Tis the season for holiday fun with family and friends. We eagerly anticipate and prepare for dinners and gifts while making memories in the present and reminiscing on holidays past. As we sit down to feast on delicious family meals and as we open up countless gifts, let's not lose sight of the fact that there are people, little people, wondering aimlessly without a home, without a meal, without clothes, much less toys. 

This thought is not lost on me because I had a brush with homelessness as a child. My mother, brother and I had lived in our newly constructed on for a mere four and a half months before the Flood of 1985 destroyed everything my mom had worked so hard for. As a single mother with two children, it was no small feat to have a home constructed from the ground, up. While our house was being built, we lived with my grandparents. We were filled with excitement and great anticipation for that special day when we would be able to turn the key on our new 3-story, split-level home and begin to build memories together. I was four years old, but it feels like it all happened yesterday. I can still smell the scent of fresh, new carpet and paint that adorned the walls of our new home. This was indeed a huge step up from our tiny trailer. But on November 5, 1985, our dreams literally washed away with the muddy flood waters.

The local fire department had to rescue us in a canoe because the flood waters rose so rapidly. As a little one, this was all beyond surreal, almost magical in a strange sense of the word. My eyes could not believe what I was witnessing - water demolishing homes, street signs, cars, you name it. The three of us had to stay at the middle school gymnasium which had been transformed into a shelter. All we had was the clothes on our backs and, more importantly each other. 

Fortunately for us, we were blessed with the chance to rebuild and move on with the love and support of our family, organizations like the Red Cross and our community which is very tight-knit. That experience had a profoundly huge impact on my life. Twenty-nine years later, I do not look at the holidays in the same way as other people do. While for many people holidays are about material things, for me it's about the love for family and giving that love back to those who are less fortunate. That is why I am supporting the Pgh Momtourage Christmas Foster Love Project.

Have you ever taken the time to think about the precious foster children who are suddenly whisked away from their environment? While it is often a blessing that the children are being removed from such unhealthy situations, those children end up coming to the doors of their foster home or foster family with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and, if they're lucky, a few dirty belongings in a trash bag. I'm sure if they had to choose between receiving the latest toy or some clean warm clothes that the latter would be their gift of choice. 

Please join me in being a part of the Pgh Momtourage Foster Love Project! All you have to do is visit
https://www.facebook.com/events/1507591162836467/ to see how you can meet the needs of foster children. It's so simple. You can donate children's clothes, diapers, those little things that are great needs for children. You will also get details on how you can purchase a Thirty-One bag for $20 and a Thirty-One consultant will personally fill it up herself if you are either at a loss for what to purchase or short on time. There is always a way to donate to such an important cause as this. 

I most certainly hope that you will join me in doing what you can so that you can make this holiday season a little bit brighter for a little angel. The deadline is December 31, 2014. But don't stop here. Let's think about the needs of others, not just around the holiday season, but every day. May the memories we make be filled with love and giving to others! Be sure to spread the word using #fosterloveproject.