What age is too young for spa day?

I recently read an article in the New York Times about young girls going to the spa, and when I say "young" I am talking about 7 year old girls. As a mother of two girls, I couldn't help but ask myself, "What age is too young for a spa day?"

Apparently little girls going to the spa has become a growing trend in America. Twenty-five percent of the over 20,000 spas in the country have services for kids under the age of 13 years old, up 15% from four years ago. What's more, spas totally geared to little girls, such as Sassy Lola and Sweet and Sassy are popping up all over the country, providing young girls manicures, pedicures, facials and even fairy dust. Wow! And I thought polishing my nails in the 6th grade was living on the edge?!

So, what age is too young for a spa day? Well, the answer isn't black and white. First of all, I get that parents, in particular mothers, want to treat their little girls to the sweeter things in life like spa days. Think of how relaxed and rejuvenated you feel after a day at the spa. On the other hand, I think some mothers can be in a mad rush to have their kids grow up and be able to participate in activities with them such as spa days. Slow down folks! Let your kids be kids! 

Either way, I think too much of a good thing that's considered a "want" and not a "need" can send mixed singles to your children. Treating your girl to a spa day for her birthday, or some other rare occasion is one thing. Taking her to the spa once a week is a completely different story and just flat out wrong if you ask me. Let's be careful not to raise our kids to feel entitled and become super spoiled out of our need to provide them with a better life than we may have had growing up. Just because you are blessed with the financial ability to take your child to the spa doesn't mean that's the best choice. Instead, using those resources to give back to the community or volunteer in some way are activities that will truly help mold your child into a well-rounded human being. Hey, maybe the two of you can go to the spa afterwards!

Let's not get too out of control here and let the trendy, consumer market make us think we need to take our little girls to the spa. Instead, let's focus on teaching them valuable life skills first and foremost. At the end of the day, use your motherly instincts as a guide to tell you what is enough and what is too much. Don't let society tell you how to raise your child! 

So, would you take your little girl to the spa before the age of 13? Have you already taken her to the spa? I'd love to hear from you! :)