The sweetest moments are the simplest ones

It's like one of those delicious candy bars you get at the local candy shop- so simple, so pure, yet full of delight. Oftentimes in life we opt for the fancy, even eccentric things, much like a manufactured candy bar you can mindlessly pick up at any convenience store, to get a quick fix of happiness and pleasure. Today, I discovered that the sweetest moments in life are often the simplest ones, like that homemade candy bar. 

Just like that candy bar from the local shop, those sweetest life moments appear so plain on the outside, but if your heart is open and your mind and spirit are alert, you will come to realize that right before you is a treasure that is priceless. Today was such a simple day for my daughters and me. I woke up and decided to just relax with my 2 year old and six month old, keeping my house work and business work at a minimum. I got breakfast ready, watched the girls play and even watched some TV, which is very rare for me. As the day progressed, we listened to Christmas music while singing and dancing with each other. Later in the evening, my 2 year old and I worked on some holiday crafts together while my little infant watched and played with her toys. We enjoyed a second watch of the NBC production of Peter Pan, watching the musical throughout dinnertime and while I prepared for their bedtime. After bath time, we did our usual bedtime routine - prayer, book and lights out. 

So what was different about this day, you might ask? Well, if you'd ask my toddler, she would tell you this was one of the best days ever. That's what she kept telling me. While watching Peter Pan, she said, "This is the goodest thing I've ever seen!" While working on our crafts, she said, "This is so much fun. I love you Mommy!" I kept getting hugs and kisses and I love yous all day and night, right up to the time she closed her precious eyes. And my little, little munchkin? She may not have been able to express herself in words I understood, but she was so vocal, smiling, laughing and babbling the entire day and evening. 

Both of my girls are very happy kiddos on a most of the time, but there was something special about this day that opened my eyes, my heart and moved my spirit. It was such a sweet, simple day filled with so much love that cannot be measured. Was it a perfect day? Of course not! There is no such thing! Trust me, there were tears, messes and mess ups, but it's not about how your day goes; it's about how your day feels. I allowed myself to feel every moment of the day. When I got hugs, I really felt those hugs. Whenever I got a smile, I really felt that smile. And the I love yous? Well, my mind went back to that day when I was holding my first born for the first time, and that feeling was magnified times ten because I am watching her evolve into her own little person. And although we just welcomed our youngest a mere six months ago, whenever she grasped my fingers and rubbed my arm, flashing that big, bright smile of hers, my mind went back to those days that I was carrying her and wondering what she would look like, sounds like. 

In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, please don't forget to feel. I know you are excited to buy that new toy or piece of technology for your child or children, but the greatest gift you can give them and yourself is you, all of you, not just your wallet and physical presence. May you feel love, and give love in the simplest ways.It's truly delicious!