The last thing a mom wants to face: How Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh blessed my family

It was the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving. I was home with my first born who was three months old at the time. It was just the two of us. I was sitting on the couch reading a book while my little angel was napping comfortably in her still swing.

As my little one started to wake up from her peaceful rest, I looked up at the clock and noticed it was time for her to have her evening bottle. I walk up to my daughter and notice she's struggling to wake up. "Oh sweetie you must still be sleepy," I said softly. Those words barely left my mouth before I noticed that something was terribly wrong. My daughter's innocent, normal shivers turned into violent convulsions, her eyes rolling towards the back of her head while foam oozed out of her mouth. My normally focused and alert munchkin could not focus on me as I snapped my fingers and shouted out her name. I quickly scooped her up into my arms at the speed of light. I rushed her to the changing table and laid her on her side. All of a sudden her eyes focused on mine with an expression on her face that could have said, "Mommy, what's wrong? What just happened? Where am I?"

All of this happened in a matter of about two minutes.

The last thing a mother wants to face is a medical emergency with her child. There are no words in the dictionary that can adequately describe the sheer terror I experienced in those two long minutes. I called my pediatrician's emergency line, and after responding to a series of questions, he informed me that my child may have had a seizure and I was to take her to the emergency room. I called my husband, who was at work, and we rushed to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. The staff at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh provided our daughter with the best of medical care, while also providing us all comfort and reassurance every step of the way. It turns out that my daughter's medical emergency was just a strange, one time occurrence with no future health challenges, but going through such a scare made me forever grateful that the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh was there for us in every way imaginable. 

The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UMPC has been caring for children and comforting families for 125 years. "Give Kids a Chance to be Kids" is a campaign, celebrating this remarkable milestone with an interactive photo booth that will travel to community events throughout the next year. 

I recently had an opportunity to participate in this booth at the Three Rivers Arts Festival and I highly encourage you to share your own Children's Hospital memories, or any other childhood memories at a booth near you. Once recorded, your video will appear on the "Give Kids a Chance to be Kids" website. Not only will you have a chance to reminisce, but it will also give people a chance to donate to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation, a foundation which provides research, teaching, family support and care for the kids who need it most.

The "Give Kids a Chance to be Kids" interactive booth will be at the following locations. (Please check in periodically for a listing of the most current locations.)

For more information, and to donate, visit

June 23, 2015 
4800 Kennywood Blvd 
West Mifflin, PA 15122 

July 04, 2015 
EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta
North Shore, Pittsburgh 

July 05, 2015
Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival
Twin Lakes Park 


July 11, 2015
Big Butler Fair

July 18 and 19, 2015
Vintage Grand Prix
Schenley Park, Pittsburgh 

August 08 and 09, 2015
Mall Partners
Mall at Robinson, Back to School Event 

August 22, 2015
Little Italy Days
Bloomfield, Pittsburgh