STOP blaming kids!

There are some things we do as a society that are very backwards. Let me give you a good example. So, many of us grow up dreaming of some day getting married and having children. As we getting older, we find ourselves saying things like, "Once I have a good job, get married and have kids, then my life will be complete." Next thing you know, the day finally arrives when those "dreams" have become a reality. All is well until life slaps you in the face and you encounter bumps in the road. Oh yes, my friends, that is when you and/or the people around you start saying things like, "Having children can be stressful" and "My spouse and I don't have time for each other anymore because we are so busy caring for the kids." We even blame kids for our financial stress. RIDICULOUS!

STOP blaming kids for your adult problems!!! Here's the deal. I don't rely on my children for my happiness nor do I blame them for my "problems." Chances are if you look closely and reflect on your life, most of those "problems" you're experiencing were already there long before your children were even conceived. If not, then I encourage you to not consider them "problems." You see, life requires you to constantly make adjustments along the journey. In fact, the most consistent thing in life is change. Once you have children, lifestyle adjustments will have to be made. That's life! So you had more time for your spouse before kids? Well I'm sure you did! After all, that's how those munchkins got here! I don't consider that a problem. Instead, there are adjustments you have to make, getting creative as to how and when you spend intimate time with your spouse. Financial troubles? Make adjustments! You get the idea here. 

It absolutely breaks my heart whenever I hear people directly or indirectly blame kids for things children know absolutely nothing about and for things they are in no way responsible for! I consider my children BLESSINGS who make the world a better place, not a stressful one! They make me a better person, just by opening my eyes and heart to a love that cannot be measured. 

If we are to teach our children responsibility, we can start that lesson by modeling for them what it means to take responsibility for your own actions and circumstances instead of passing the blame onto our sons and daughters. Yes, having children changes you; it changes your life! There will be growing pains! You will never master parenting and it can be challenging from time to time. However, please do yourself and your children a favor by not blaming them for a life they did not ask to come into. YOU made that choice for them. ;) <3

We've all been guilty of the blame game at some point or another. What are some steps you can take today to help you to make those life adjustments for your new life with kids? Remember, don't beat yourself up! Learn from it, and try again! <3 Disclaimer: I haven't had teenagers yet! LOL ;)