Out of the mouths of babes

How many of you feel like your child could be a special guest on "Kids Say the Darndest Things" if the show ever made a comeback? I am here to tell you that my 2 year old daughter keeps me in a constant state of surprise and laughter by the things that come flying out of her little mouth!

While I could write a book of "Giannaisms," I will present you with 5 for now. I'm sure more will be in future blog posts!

1. Gianna and I are out shopping for a birthday card. 
Mommy: We need to find a cheap one.
Gianna (at the top of her lungs): Oh Cheap, where are you?! Mommy, I don't see cheap.

2. Gianna wakes up after my mom aka Neena left.
Gianna: Neena's coming upstairs.
Mommy: Uh, actually, she left already. Neena isn't here.
Gianna: What in the world is going on?

3. Mommy's Starbucks drink of choice is a white chocolate mocha.
Mommy (sitting on the couch 2 days after giving birth to Natalie)
Gianna (after tinkering around in her play kitchen, she comes up to me with her coffee pot): Here's your tall white mocha Mommy!

4. Daddy is Batman and Mommy Is Wonder Woman. (How the heck does she know anything about these characters?!)

5. Gianna: Let me check your heart with my stethoscope. Oh my lordy, it's not working.
Mommy laughs.
Gianna: It's not funny, Mommy. This is serious!

So, what funny things has your kiddo been saying lately? Please share and enjoy these hilarious moments!