Nanny and Me: A delightful book for children and adults!

Wow! As a book-lover, former elementary school teacher and mother, I absolutely LOVE it whenever I discover a children's book that entertains and soothes the soul! Nanny and Me, written by Florence Ann Romano, is one of those gems for my family and me.

Florence is a former nanny who has taken her experiences and woven them into a delightful read for both children and adults. The book is amazing for so many reasons, but perhaps the greatest gift Nanny and Me gives its audience, is clarity and peace whenever it comes to that all-so-common experience of having someone care for your child. 

According to ChildCare Aware America, over 15 million children under the age of 6 years old are in need of child care; that's not even including children over the age of 6, so you can imagine how that number can quickly rise, if it were to include older kids! Indeed, so many parents have to walk away from their little ones on a daily basis, entrusting their child's care to someone, and sometimes feeling guilty about having to do so. Nanny and Me offers parents a loving insight to how a "nanny," "babysitter" or "caregiver" can provide excellent care for your child, helping your child to create memories to last a lifetime. For the child, Nanny and Me does a great job of explaining the reasons behind the nanny's presence in his or her life, and how it is truly possible for him or her to love the nanny AND mommy and daddy.

I have been a working mom, stay at home mom AND now a work from home mom at various points in my life. Having Nanny and Me to read and refer to during those times whenever you have to leave your child for the day is such an invaluable resource, and its one that I wish I had from the very beginning of motherhood. The illustrations are lovely and the story line moves with ease, painting a scene that you can actually feel deep down in your heart and spirit. As a child, my Grandma, whom I lovingly call "Mamal," was my "babysitter" while my mom, a single mother went to work. Indeed, every day was an adventure that I looked forward to and enjoyed with every ounce of my being. But I also looked forward to and enjoyed the moment whenever I would hear my mom coming through the door. Nanny and Me reassures children and parents that we truly can have the best of both worlds!