Moms and our health: Let's make it a priority!

Let's face it moms. We are often at the bottom of our own priority list. We make our lives all about helping others, ensuring that they get the best of care. From our children, to our partner, to our parents, we are in a constant state of making sacrifices for others. 

As a mother, I have been nurturing my daughters' health needs since before conception! Think about it. We take prenatal vitamins, eat certain foods; we do everything we can to get our bodies, and minds, primed up to take on the role of motherhood. Then our angels arrive and we are constantly monitoring their food intake, how much exercise they get, and on and on. But let me ask you something...when was the last time you took the same action towards your own health?

While it's in our nature to take care of others, and that is a very admirable quality, we often neglect our own health, which is counterproductive. If we fail to take care of ourselves, we will ultimately be unable to take care of others! I am so guilty of this to the point that I have said, "Enough is enough! I'm making my health a priority!"

Unfortunately, I didn't come to that conclusion without learning the hard way. At the young age of 33 and a size 4 (Size is not an indicator of your state of health!), I found myself experiencing chest pains. I rarely go to the doctor for various reasons, or excuses I should say. "I'm too busy." "I have a high tolerance for pain." "Nothing's really wrong." "It will pass." And there's many more where all of that came from! But this pain scared me to the point that I immediately took action and went to the doctor. Thankfully, it wasn't anything life-threatening, but I was under a lot of stress, and knew that I never wanted to feel that way ever again! I made a conscious decision to invest in myself.

I am investing in myself by attending Women's Health Conversations on November 6th in Pittsburgh. Women's Health Conversations is a day-long gathering featuring smart, savvy women who are on a mission to educate, empower and entertain women! I am ready to transform my health and have fun doing so, and I know these dynamic speakers are just the ones to help me do it! 

I highly encourage you to join me at this event! Let this be your first step towards transforming your health, fortifying your body, building a better brain (How many times do you blame stuff on your "Mom Brain?") and prioritizing your bliss! You are worth it! Visit for details! See you there!