Mommy pet-peeve: Baby Talk!

I may ruffle some feathers here, but oh well! Different strokes, different folks...

I CANNOT STAND BABY TALK!!! My eldest daughter is a couple of weeks from 2 years old and some people still talk to her like she's a month old! Even when she was a month old, I didn't do the "Goo goo ga ga" thing. Whenever some people talk to her it's like their voices jump up a couple of octaves at the point of breaking glass. Ugh! LOL

It seems like there are countless studies that have been done to demonstrate that children, yes babies included, greatly benefit from being exposed to rich language. In other words, if your child only herars "Yeah" and "Ooo," don't expect him or her to speak 30+ words. I'm just trying to keep it real!

Now don't misunderstand my parenting style folks! I don't talk to Gianna about politics and other world events! LOL I just talk to her like she is a functional human being. I do speak "Parentese" (exaggerating certain words) whenever I'm teaching her a word she does not know. An example of Parentese is, "Hiiiiiii! How are youuuuu?" Of course my daughter knows those words. Now that her vocabulary is richer, I find myself breaking down words like "motorcycle." etc.

Some people say, "Hey, they are babies! Don't speed up the aging process!" I tend to disagree in this case. By exposing my daughter to a full vocabulary, I am enriching her language skills. In addition, talking to her like she is well um human and not from another planet is a way of showing respect for the language she does know so that we can engage in a conversation.

It's so funny because when people squeal and go into another vocal register with her, I can always look over and see this expression on her face as if to say, "Why is he/she talking to me like that?" Then there are other times that she will feed into it and join them in the baby voice which drives me nuts! She knows how to play the game and it's sad that a lot of people around her have no idea! LOL

So what are your thoughts? I'm curious to know what your feelings are about this sometimes controversial topic. ;)