Leave Malia Obama alone!

No matter which side of the political coin you're on, one thing should remain OFF limits...children of politicians! The latest headline regarding one of President Obama's girls is absolutely annoying, pointless, harmless and quite frankly, none of our business!

So, here's the deal. An image of Malia Obama wearing a Pro Era t-shirt emerged on Instagram. This meant nothing to me at first. Call this 33 year-old an old fogy because I had no clue who or what Pro Era was, so I had to do some research to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently Pro Era is a hip hop group. Uh ok...I still didn't know what the big deal was, so I did some further research and discovered that one of its members was recently arrested for punching a security guard in the nose. SERIOUSLY???!!! This is why people are upset with Malia for wearing a t-shirt?! I immediately found myself LOL and SMH, while saying WTH (heck, mom not H-E-double hockey sticks)!

What has society come to? If this is the worst thing Malia does as a teen then God bless her! I was considered and named a "goody goody" in school, and even I did my share of dumb stuff that would fall under a category much worse than T-shirtgate! Malia is a teen who will more than likely be a fan of trendy music like hip hop. Big deal! People are acting like Malia is the one who punched the security guard!

We as a society need to get off our parenting high horse and take care of the children living within our own four walls. As a teen, I listened to everything from The Doors to The Commodores and everything in between. Yes, some of the artists I listened to had criminal records. What did that have to do with me? Absolutely NOTHING!

Look, the Obama girls are girls. They are not superhuman or supernatural beings who must be perfect because their father is the President of the United States! Stop holding them to the unrealistic standard that you don't even hold your own children or grandchildren too!

I happen to have two daughters who are very young. As they get older, and grow into those lovely teen ages, I can only pray that they will make good choices most of the time. But the reality is that in order for them to learn and grow into their own selves, they have to make mistakes along the way. While I don't consider Malia wearing this Pro Era t-shirt a mistake, I rocked a Bell Biv Devoe t-shirt over 20 years ago. This now 33 year-old who once listened and danced to "Never trust a big butt and a smile" has grown up since then and is a happily married woman with two children. Listening to BBD and wearing their t-shirt did not cause me to become a prostitute and drop out of school. I'm sure Malia will be ok folks. Take a deep breath and GET OVER IT!