Kim Kardashian: You broke the internet, but did you break your daughter's heart?

Congratulations Kim! Once again, you sought out the attention of the media and you won! Mission accomplished! But did you break your daughter's heart in the process?

In the latest attention-seeking stunt, Kim Kardashian West took some ummm...well very interesting poses for Paper Magazine, baring all and showing off that oh so infamous booty, oiled up and glistening for the cameras. I rarely watch TV, and my mindless internet searching is even more rare, yet I could not escape the media frenzy that is surrounding Kim K's "asset."

Of course, with the attention comes hot debates. Are Kim's photos sexy or tacky? In addition to that question, there is an even more poignant question being asked by many, "Should Kim take such photos now that she is a mom? Is this appropriate behavior for a mother?" Kim, and some others, would argue that just because you're a mother, doesn't mean you can't be sexy. Well, here's my take...

First of all, I think we need to clearly define what "sexy" is. According to the dictionary, sexy is 
defined as "sexually appealing, attractive, or exciting: having interesting or appealing qualities." Sorry Kim, but I don't have to oil myself to an oblivion and pose in front of a camera to be sexy. In fact, if you talk to my husband he could give you quite a few examples of how sexy I can be. ;) I don't need the attention of complete strangers. I just need to make my man happy and feel great about myself in the process!

Our society has been on the moral decline for quite some time, and this is yet another example of our moral decay. Whatever happened to sexy being something that starts within and radiates on the outside? What happened to sexy being something intimate, between you and your partner only, not the whole world? What the heck are we teaching our daughters?!

What celebrities like Kim fail to realize, (or maybe I should say they do realize, but don't care) is that us mere civilians have daughters that are watching their every move. Granted, my girls are too young to know what's going on with Kim, but I'm sure they will come across these tasteless pictures some day, and so will Kim's daughter. Yeah Kim, it's a free country and you can flaunt your bare bum in front of whomever you wish, but your daughter is going to have to answer for your actions some day. One day, she is going to be sitting amongst friends and they are going to be talking about her mother and showing her pictures of Mommy all oiled up and flashing the universe. Did you think about that?

And let me bring up yet another point...yes, photos like these set a poor example for our girls, but an even poorer example for our boys!!! So, they see this wife and mother flaunting her glistening booty on the cover of a magazine (among other places) and think that's what sexy is?! God help us! Some of these boys are going to be having the same trashy expectation of girls. Oh yes, my friends. Our boys will become young men and then become adult men. And we do all of these polls and studies on the high divorce rate, the high rate of single people and wonder WHY? Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Bottom line is celebrities like Kim are going to do what they want, parent or not. As mothers, we cannot control what other people do, but we can control the example we set for our children. Yes, our children will get exposed to things we would rather shield from their little eyes, like Kim's latest pics. But Kim doesn't live with our kids. We do! We can live our lives in a way where they will grow to know that being sexy is not about taking naked photos and showing them off to the world; rather being sexy is about 
being "sexually appealing, attractive, or exciting" to one special person, and "having interesting or appealing qualities" that keeps that special someone wanting more. Unfortunately, it appears that Kim's daughter will have to learn that from someone else.