If you're looking for the perfect mother, turn around and walk away

I am a mother. I am a mother of two little girls who just so happen to be 21 months apart. I am a loving, devoted mother. That's who I am. Now let me tell you what I am not. I am not perfect. I am not a perfect woman, much less a perfect mother. I don't always get it right or say it right, and while my love for my girls is so deep, so profound that it cannot be described in words, I sometimes crack under all the pressure. 

But don't worry. I don't hurt anyone! Well, no one besides myself. Trust me, no one feels the effects of my flaws and missteps more than I do. Lucky for me, I am the type of woman who treats those moments like bumps in the road and keep it moving. Unfortunately, other people would prefer to treat my mistakes like the stench rolling off of the Peanuts character, Pig Pen's back; it follows me everywhere I go and comes right back in my face through constant, subtle, and sometimes not so subtle reminders.

Isn't it a shame that we teach our kids to say I'm sorry, to let go of whatever caused a tantrum, yet so many adults walk around pointing fingers and holding on to negative stuff for dear life! As a teacher, I was always amazed by how quickly children got over stuff. I could be a child's worst enemy one minute and his or her best friend the next. You see, children don't have all of the hang ups adults do, and that's what makes their love and approach to life so honest, genuine and the truest form of love. When my girls look at me, they don't see perfect, they just see mommy. Mommy is someone they can laugh with, cry with, cry over, cry from, hug, kiss, play with and move on. I love that! Why can't adults be more like that?!

Today, I got reminded of a parental flaw. While it would have been nice to be reminded of something I do right, I am discovering that I need validation less and less as I grow in my journey of motherhood. My go-to's for how I am doing in the parenting arena are three people: God and my two girls. Any other person's opinion is irrelevant and insignificant, no matter who they are. 

Yes, I have taken this mommy gig and turned it into a business where I write and talk about all things mommy. That doesn't make me perfect though. In fact, that's why I do what I do - to remind mothers everywhere that "there is no perfect way to be a mother, and a million ways to be a good one." (Thanks Jill Churchill!) 

If you are looking for the "perfect mother," who never makes mistakes, who never cracks under pressure from time to time, do me favor...turn around and walk away from me! You won't find any of that in me, but what you will find is a love and dedication that cannot be measured. That's good enough to do the job! <3

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like you were being unfairly judged as a mother? How did you handle the situation or comment? Let's chat about it in the comments below. <3