How you can help the EDUCATION Partnership change children's lives

As a former elementary school educator, and now mother of two girls, I truly value what education can do to empower the lives of our children. Indeed, being equipped with a high-quality learning experience can open countless doors for our youth and make a positive impact for generations to come. A significant part of that high-quality education involves having the necessary learning tools, such as pencils, notebooks and crayons, which are needed in order to be an active participant in the learning process. 

There is this quote I heard that says, "The pain that a child inflicts upon you, isn't nearly as great as the pain that child feels inside." Oftentimes I would look around my classroom and see so many stories. Some children that could not concentrate or had behavior issues were often the same students that didn't have school supplies, or hygiene items, that others take for granted. How could I expect a student to turn in homework whenever he or she didn't even have a pencil at home?

That is why I am a HUGE supporter of The Education Partnership (TEP). 
Based in Pittsburgh, TEP is a nonprofit organization that relies on product donations and financial contributions from the local community in order to serve the more than 30,000 students in southwest Pennsylvania that are in need of hygiene items and school supplies. Throughout the 2014 holiday season, TEP is working to provide local children with items that they need – including crayons, notebooks, toothbrushes, pens and other important hygiene items. For many students, this is the only gift they'll receive during the holidays!  

A simple $15 donation will provide children with $35 worth of school supplies and hygiene items, which will last them for an entire academic semester. All you need to do is visit you can donate right online.  TEP will even hang a virtual ornament in your name on our online tree! 

So, if you’re looking for a great local cause to support, please consider The Education Partnership. Such a simple, small gift can do so much for students in need. Check out this video to see how you can make a difference!