How to have a successful birthday party for your toddler

I may only be 33 years old, but birthday parties for toddlers have changed so much since I was a tot! Those were the days when a "Happy Birthday" song and cupcake was more than enough to celebrate the occasion. Nowadays, many parents, especially mothers, feel the pressure to put together a birthday extravaganza. My eldest daughter recently celebrated her 2nd birthday party and it was a huge success! What did I base the success off of, you might ask??? HER SMILE! Here are my tips for how to throw a successful birthday party for your toddler!

1. Plan Ahead. Try to avoid last-minute preparations and purchases. You will stress yourself out! You need to be sure that you are enjoying the day too. After all, you helped bring this little person into the world; you should be celebrating as well!

2. Keep the Right Perspective. Remember that it's just a little kiddie party! So what if your tot opens a gift before gift-opening time?! So what if the banner falls down a couple of times?! Both things happened at my daughter's party and guess what...Mommy didn't care! I didn't care because my little one was just as happy as can be and that's all that matters. This party is for HER, not the adults.

3. Watch Your Budget. I can think of a million and one things that our family money can go towards besides a 2 hour celebration! Your child will not know how much money the party cost and quite frankly, if he/she did know, your child wouldn't even care! All that matters to your kiddo is  that he/she is having fun and is surrounded by the people he/she loves. So, don't go overboard. Buy party items at a discount and make some

4. Make It Personal. I had my daughter pick out her party theme because it was going to be HER party. I had her choose between 3 of her favorite cartoon characters. She was ecstatic to see her favorite character, Minnie Mouse, all over the house! I also made a gift that had special meaning to the both of us. We work on puzzles together so I cut out pictures of family members and glued them to the inside of each shape. So cheap, so personal and she LOVED it! <3

5. Chillax. Stay calm, cool and collected. Don't forget to relax and be in the moment. Don't be so busy running around, taking care of things that you miss out on the fact that this is the day you gave birth to one of the best things that has ever happened to you!