How to find the perfect tree for your family

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely love the holiday season because you have so many opportunities to make family memories and traditions that will last a lifetime. One of those family traditions and memories include selecting the perfect Christmas tree for families that celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

My memories of selecting, decorating and sitting around my family's Christmas tree are very fond ones, and it is my hope that my husband and I can create our own family traditions and memories with our children. But finding the perfect tree for your family's specific needs and desires is no small task. Here are some tips on how your family can find the perfect Christmas tree:

  1. Real or artificial: First, you must decide if your family would like to have a real tree or an artificial one. The choice depends on both your lifestyle and personal taste. If you find yourself not having the time to care for a real tree, then go for an artificial one. Artificial trees are so beautifully made and look very much like real ones, however, if you enjoy the natural, fresh smell of a real tree, then go for it and get a real one. Be prepared to care for it and deal with all that comes along with having a real tree.
  2. Size: Be sure to measure your space before purchasing your tree, real or artificial. You don't want to be disappointed and scrambling to cut down your real tree or returning your artificial one.
  3. When to buy: The sooner you go out shopping for your Christmas tree the better. If you wait too long, it will be slim pickings and you may end up not getting what you really want.
  4. Have pets: If you have pets and plan on purchasing a real tree, be sure to get a blue spruce. The blue spruce needles are sharp so your pet won't be so eager to mess around with the tree! Just be careful if you have really young children who may want to touch the tree. Some pets do not mess around with artificial trees as much as they do real ones, so buying an artificial tree could be an option. I just know that my cat loves to get into trouble with fake trees as much as real ones, so it may not matter to your pet.
  5. Young children: If you have young children who love to play around with the Christmas tree, one option is to buy them a little mini tree of their own. It can be real or fake, and have your child take part in the decorating process by also decorating his or her own little tree.

I hope this was helpful to you in your tree finding process. Just remember to have fun with every step - from selecting the tree, to decorating and just sitting around the Christmas tree. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!