Hair Yum: A life-saver!

If you've been following my blog from the very beginning, you definitely know how I feel about hair! My first blog post to catch attention from many people is called LEAVE MY DAUGHTER'S HAIR ALONE!!! Over a year later, I continue to stand by those sentiments I expressed in the blog post. Today, as my oldest daughter grows up before my very eyes, and she now has a little sister, I find myself going CRAZY trying to find hair care products that meets the needs of my girls who just so happen to have 2 very different hair types (one child has thick, course hair, while the other has fine hair that gets tangled very easily).

I have become a hair care junkie, grabbing as many different products as I can find that claim to have the solution for my girls' hair woes. You see, my girls have very beautiful, natural hair, but the products I've been trying just don't do their hair justice. The products are so full of harsh chemicals that leave their hair feeling hard and dry. Not only that, but my oldest dreads getting her hair done and cringes every time she sees me coming her way with a comb and brush. It breaks my heart and often reminds me of the dreadful days whenever my mom would fire up that hot iron and the hot comb would be sizzling its way to my scalp! Ugh!!! The look on my daughter's face almost mirrors the expression I would wear on my face whenever it was time to get my hair done. I don't even use a hot comb on her!

I am SO happy and relieved to have discovered Hair Yum! Hair Yum Vegan Haircare is a high performing line of vegan hair products for natural hair. The creator of Hair Yum is a mom who was tired of using hair care products that were not working for her children, so she decided to create her own! I love how we moms are so solution-driven!

There are so many things that I love about Hair Yum! First, the products are all natural! There are no chemicals or toxin in the products at all. Hair Yum hair products smell AMAZING, illuminating scents of coconut, lavender and blueberries fill the air as you apply them onto your hair. More importantly Hair Yum hair care products are so gentle to your hair and bring out the best qualities of your hair with no fuss! As a mother, I am so happy that Hair Yum leaves my girls' hair feeling so soft and looking healthy, while not bringing my girls to tears! Whew!

I encourage you to check out Hair Yum's line of hair care products and let me know what you think! Just visit and give them a try! Enjoy! xoxoxo