Does coming from a nuclear family make you a marriage expert???

I recently had a revolution about marriage that spawned from an insult. My parents divorced whenever I was barely 3 years old. I've been told that children of divorced households don't know what it takes to have a stable, long-lasting marriage. My response to that, after laughing, is this...

People need to get off their high-horses. Newsflash: YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE! Marriage involves two imperfect people, so to give the impression that you have a perfect marriage because you "stuck with it" is hogwash! If we are going to keep it real with each other then let's just say this: Every marriage has its skeletons in the closet - whether that marriage ended in divorce or not. Coming from a nuclear family does not mean you've inherited some otherworldly wisdom in regard to marriage. 

As a woman who comes from a "broken home," I am here to tell you I am not broken nor am I clueless when it comes to "what a marriage takes." In fact, witnessing the downfall of several marriages within my family has enlightened me and opened my eyes to what can go wrong and ways to avoid those pitfalls. Now, don't get me wrong here; I am not bragging or trying to give you the impression that I'm an expert. My point is life lessons - whether learned directly or indirectly hold value no matter what the end result may be. 

The bottom line is this my friends - your parents marriage and your in-laws' marriage has absolutely NOTHING to do with YOUR marriage! Last time I checked, your parents attended your wedding ceremony, but they didn't take those vows. Let's stop dragging other people's mess, or illusion of perfection, into our households and take it one marriage at a time. Focus on what's going on within your union, traveling the journey as one with your spouse.