Do as I say and as I do

About a year ago, I was walking out of the grocery store and noticed an elderly woman putting groceries in her car. Instinctively, I walked up to her and offered to put her shopping cart away for her. She was pleasantly surprised and more than happy to receive my help.

After I put her cart away, I got in my car, looked over at my daughter and came to a touching realization...

My mother NEVER explicitly said to me, "Whenever you see an elderly person putting away their groceries, assist them by offering to put away their shopping cart." Instead, I learned the art of compassion and empathy through my mother's actions. 

As I gazed into my daughter's eyes, I silently prayed, "God, please let me be the kind of mother who teaches my daughter the most valuable life lessons through my actions, not just my words." If I impart half as many values within my girls as my mom instilled within her children, I know they will turn out just fine. <3