8 practical ways moms can de-stress

Being a mom can fill one's heart with joy that cannot be measured, but let's face it - a lot of stress comes with the role! If we are not careful, moms can find themselves in a constant state of panic and anxiety. There is so much to do, and quite often, little time to get it all done. Besides we are responsible for little lives! That is an awesome task if I do say so myself!

I want to put you at ease and let you know that you can be a stress-free, yet effective mom! You do not have to sacrifice one trait for the other! Here are some practical ways moms can de-stress, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and efficient!

Keep it real. Your children need YOU - not the mommy blogger you follow, not your best friend who's a Pinterest Queen, but YOU. The best gift you can give your children, and yourself, is your authentic self. This makes life less stressful because there is no acting to maintain. If you're car is a mess, then it's a mess! If that bothers you, take steps towards changing the situation, but don't stress out in the process!

Schedule time for peace. I know. I know. Who has time to think much less be alone. Just remember that a little goes a long way in this situation. For instance, I find quiet time (about 5 minutes) right before I get out of bed. If the girls abruptly wake me up, then I squeeze in a moment at some other time of the day. The point is to use this time to be perfectly still, taking deep breaths in and out. All throughout the day, moms are being pulled in a million different directions. This is a time to get centered, regroup and be ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

Slow down. We live in a day and age where even the youngest of kids has a hectic schedule! Moms are running from here to there - dance class, work, soccer, etc. Make sure to deliberately schedule a time for everyone to slow down and just enjoy being in each others presence. This is an opportune time to just relax and check in on each other, laugh together and bring your lives back to what really matters - loved ones, not activities. 

Spend time with friends. Just because you become a mom doesn't mean you have to lose your social life. Find a babysitter, or utilize a local drop-in daycare service so you can spend some quality time with your friends. I'm a work-from-home mom so I am in the lovely company of my kiddos nearly 24/7. Getting out and mingling with adults is a necessity for my sanity! It's also healthy for you and your children to spend some time apart. There's nothing like hearing my 2 year old joyfully shout out, "MOMMY!" whenever I come through the door!

Do nothing. This is a tough one, I know. Trust me. I am a super hyper person naturally so the thought of doing nothing is as foreign to me as walking on my hands, but it's an essential "activity" to keep you from burning out and losing your cool. When I say "do nothing," I mean no cleaning, no laundry, no cooking, no work stuff. What you can and should do instead is to spend quality time with your family by playing a board game, watching a good movie, etc. Whatever you do, LEAVE THE CELL PHONE, TABLET, COMPUTER ALONE! Facebook will be there when you're done. :)

De-clutter. A lot of stress comes from being surrounded by clutter. Whether it be toys or all of that junk mail piling up on your desk, just looking at clutter is enough to get your heart racing! When de-cluttering it's important to not try to do it all in one day. There are plenty of websites and blogs out there with awesome tips and resources to help you de-clutter one step at a time. 

Share your hobbies with your children. I love to sing and dance! I was a singer, dancer and actress before becoming a teacher, and ultimately a mommy, so it's a special feeling to be able to share my passions with my girls! I'm really blessed because they are forming their own love of the arts. Whatever your hobbies and passions are, try to share them with your kids. You shouldn't feel like your kids and your other passions are two separate parts of you, rather they should come together to form the woman you are. On the other hand, it's not healthy to force your passions upon your children. If you love to dance, but you child has two left feet, by all means do not audition to be on Dance Moms! The goal here is to share a special part of you with your children, not to shove your interests down their throats. That will bring on another level of 

Get a team. Motherhood is not a journey that is meant to travel alone. It takes a village to raise a child! You need a village to help you! Whether it's family members, friends, support groups, or even church members, try to form a team that will be able to provide you and your family the support you need. 

It's important for me to mention that I don't expect you to take all of these steps in one day, everyday! Some of these steps can be done on a weekly basis. Just do what works for you. The important goal that I want you to accomplish is living a life of as little stress as possible!

What are some ways you de-stress? Please share in the comments below. I'm always looking for tips in this area! :)