5 reasons why I'm attending The MomCon

While the journey of motherhood is a joyful one, it's also full of its challenges, and should not be experienced alone. In addition to finding my way as a mother, I am also a work-in-progress as a woman. I've found myself employed, unemployed and running my own business, all over the course of a year AND with a toddler and infant! Whew! Just typing about it makes my heart race at lightening speed! It is important that we moms give motherhood our all, yet actively work at not losing our own identity. That's why I couldn't be more excited to join my fellow moms at The MomCon!

The MomCon is "a conference devoted to the woman 'behind the mom.'" Indeed there are two sides to every mom. We love our children, but we also have our own personal goals that we are aspiring to achieve. For me, The MomCon couldn't be coming at a better time! Here are my 5 reasons why I'm attending The MomCon:

1. Inspiration. Like most moms, I am super busy juggling my mommy duties and work responsibilities. Plus, my work involves a ton of time at the computer. If I'm not careful, I will find myself zapped out of energy and inspiration. As I embark upon the journey of owning my own business, it is essential that I surround myself with mothers who are full of inspiration and wisdom to keep me enthusiastic about my new adventure. The MomCon's speakers and attendees are women, just like me, but different enough that I will be guaranteed to walk away from the experience enlightened and rejuvenated!

2. Support. It's not all about me. I want to show my fellow moms support! When you have a dream deep down inside your heart, it puts you in a very vulnerable place. The MomCon is the perfect place where ideas can flourish and be supported. I want to offer moms that extra smile, lend that ear and offer my support in any way I can.

3. Connect. I am so excited to make new connections by finding mentors, collaborators and women that may very well become friends for life. I'm also looking forward to getting together with some moms I've recently connected with through my new venture. Like I said earlier, it's imperative that we don't travel this journey alone. We must surround ourselves with women who are on the journey as well so that we can share our joys and challenges, while offering each other fresh perspectives that could change the direction of our lives!

4. Learn. Call me a nerd, but I've always reveled in the opportunity to learn something new!I'm ready to get some fresh ideas on both my business and home life! The MomCon provides plenty of chances to learn in a variety of ways - via the speakers, by engaging in meaningful conversations with fellow attendees and just simply observing my surroundings and checking out what cool products and services are available.

5. Fun. Being a work-from-home mom has been my most exciting and rewarding experience, but sometimes the lines get blurred and I literally get stuck at home for extended periods of time. I want to get out and have some fun, mamas! The MomCon will be serving some delicious food, offering some pampering services and cool shopping opportunities at the marketplace! More importantly, I'll get to do what I do best, chat it up with some mamas!

I am so excited about what The MomCon has to offer that I am giving YOU a chance to attend as well! All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter on the homepage of my website to be entered to win a ticket to attend The MomCon in Pittsburgh, PA on November 14th and 15th! Best of luck and I hope to see you there! There will be plenty of moms there to welcome you with open arms!