4 fun and educational PLAYARD activities for little ones

As the mother of two girls who just so happen to be 21 months apart, my life is full of crazy, chaotic moments where I am running around, constantly striving to meet the needs of everyone! 

I am happy to say that I've always found time to shower, keep myself sane (well somewhat sane), all while keeping our girls happy most of the time. 

My years as an elementary school teacher have taught me many things about parenting, one of those valuable lessons being ways to keep children engaged in meaningful experiences, so that not only do you get a moment to breathe, but your kiddos get opportunities to learn in the process!

One of my life-saving tools is our 4Moms Breeze Playard! I absolutely love our playard for so many reasons! First, it's SO easy to put together and put away, that I don't need to nag my husband to help me figure it out! More importantly, the Breeze Playard is super comfortable, perhaps the most comfortable, spacious playard I've ever seen! Let's face it; a playard may not be your child's favorite place to be, but with the comfort, room and activities I provide my baby girl, I can go to the bathroom in peace, put food in the oven and take that treasured shower in peace! AND my little one is super happy too!

Here are 4 fun and educational playard activities for our little ones...

  1. Place your child's "lovey," or favorite stuffed animal in the playard for company. Make sure it is a safe, age-appropriate toy.
  2. Drumming up some beats encourages music creativity. Place a musical learning toy(s) in your child's playard so he/she can rock n roll!
  3. Encourage hands-on exploration by placing mega blocks in your child's playard. They're safe and easy to-use!
  4. Sensory toys are great for promoting exploration of sensory-stimulating textures!

What fun and educational activities do you engage your child in? I'd love to hear from you! xoxoxo

Note: Make sure you place your playard in a SAFE location if you walking away, even for a brief period of time. For instance, I do NOT place the playard where you see it in the pictures. Instead, I put the playard in the middle of the room, free from any potential harm where my child could climb out and get hurt. xoxoxo