3 reasons why moms give up on makeup and my solution for you

The truth hurts. One evening my husband told me he would like to see me dress up more. You see, I'm a work from home mom which means my everyday attire includes yoga pants (sometimes flashy PJ's if I'm feeling flirty), and a tank top. Makeup is out of the question. I mean, why would I wear makeup if I'm just running around the house chasing two kids and typing away on the computer?!

Whenever my husband approached me with this info, my first response was full of hurt and anger. We said, "For better or for worse," and I'm a size 4 after having two kids, and even if I hadn't lost the baby weight, he should love me regardless of what I'm wearing or what I look like! But deep down inside, I knew that my best friend was right. He wasn't saying he didn't love me anymore. I wasn't dressing up like I used to whenever I worked outside of the home. I was in full Mommy mode, completely ignoring his needs, and quite frankly, mine too.

I'm a confident person. I feel good about myself inside and out, and to be honest with you, what my husband has to say about me doesn't really effect how I feel about myself. I know my worth, and anything positive someone has to say is just a bonus. However, my husband, who happens to know me better than anyone else in the world, knows that I feel great whenever I'm dressed nice and wearing a little makeup. 

We mothers often fall into the trap of believing being a mom is not sexy. All of a sudden, we lose our stride, or strut I should say, put on the mom jeans with a bare face, grab our coffee mugs and go on about our business of motherhood. So, what happens to us???

I think we give up on makeup and making ourselves up for these three reasons:

  1. No TIME
  2. It's too much WORK (And like I said, we don't have time for all that!)
  3. We do not know how to get the LOOK we want

Well ladies, I am here to tell you that I have found a SOLUTION for YOU and ME

TYRA Beauty is a new cosmetics line, and let me tell you...it's not just a cosmetics line; it's a cosmetics experience!!! Here's how Tyra Beauty solves our issues with making ourselves look super fab: 

  1. No TIME. If time is your challenge, then you definitely need to check out Tyra Beauty's 2, 4 and 6 minute Tyovers! You can get your makeup done at lightening speed and with ease!
  2. It's too much WORK (And like I said, we don't have time for all that!). I have never been a makeup expert! In fact, putting on makeup has always been very intimidating to me. Before usingTyra Beauty, my makeup regimen included powder foundation, one eye shadow and mascara. My look was very basic, to say the least. With Tyra Beauty products, no brushes or mess is required and you can look as simple or dramatic as the occasion calls for!
  3. We do not know how to get the LOOK we want. Like I said before, Tyovers are quick and easy to achieve, even on the go! Whether you are going to the grocery store or going out for a night out on the town with your girlfriends, Tyra Beauty has you covered! Tyra Beauty equips you with plenty of video tutorials and you can have your own personal Beautytainer to guide you every step of the way!

Ladies, being a mom is one of the sexiest, most empowering roles in the world! Let's embrace it! Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa is partnering with Tyra Beauty as an Independent Beautytainer to help moms around the world to have fun with their look, while feeling sexy and empowered!  Join me on this fierce journey whether your single, divorced, married, widowed! Whatever your story is, I am here to tell you that YOU have the right to feel and look FABULOUS! Let's do this, mamas! xoxoxoxo