Outsourced parenting gone wild

Outsourced parenting is quickly becoming all the rage. Parents are shelling out big bucks to have outsiders strut into their households and impart expertise in everything from baby proofing to potty training. Here are just a handful of outsource parenting services

:1. Baby Proofing

What the expert does: The expert comes into your home and makes suggestions for how to baby proof your home. You have the option to purchase the recommended products from the expert or go out and purchase them on your own.

Cost: Pricing varies depending upon your baby proofing needs.

2. Sleep Training

What expert does: The sleep trainer will either come to your house or train you via phone on how to get your child on a proper sleeping routine.

Cost: Typically starts at $300

3.  Baby Nurses

What the expert does: A trained nurse will come into your home to provide highly skilled nursing care for your baby.

Cost: $15-$30/hr. or $175-$350/day

4. Baby Coaching

What the expert does: The expert serves as your own personal Super Nanny, observing your family in action followed up by offering you advice, alternative ways and resources in how to deal with a particular situation.

Cost: Starts at over $100

5. Potty Training

What the expert does: You guessed it; the expert comes to your home to potty train your child. There is no fancy way of saying it.

Cost: $1750 for one day training, $950 for 2 day training

My Thoughts on Outsourced Parenting

So what are my thoughts on outsourced parenting? It saddens me that some parents are too busy to get down and dirty with parenting. Have we really become a society that has to actually hire people to parent our children?! If you are "too busy" or "too frustrated" to parent your children, then perhaps you should have never become a parent to begin with! Yes, it can be extremely difficult and I am a firm believer in the African Proverb "It takes a village to raise a child," but that old Proverb does not refer to hiring strangers to do the work. Instead it refers to family, friends, and community support to help rear your children. Let's face it; parenting isn't always pretty and full of roses and sappy sweetness. But I promise you that you can find beauty in the mess! Watching and helping your children grow and develop is one of the greatest joys there is on this earth! If you leave these moments to complete strangers, you are missing out on some of the most precious moments you will ever have with your children.