Music videos inspired by Leave My Daughter's Hair Alone

Hello everyone!!! WOW! I have been so humbled and blessed by the HUGE response from all of you regarding my last blog, "LEAVE MY DAUGHTER'S HAIR ALONE!!!" Just like I thought, so many of you - black, white, and everyone in between - could relate to what my daughter and I have experienced. Both males and females had stories to share with me that reinforced what my heart was telling me all along...this story needs to be told so that we can all exhale, heal, hold our heads up high and move on!

I am posting two videos that are connected with this topic. Thank you, Patricia Ebony Queen Webb for reminding me of this fabulous song titled, "I Am Not My Hair" by India.Arie featuring Akon.

The next video comes from the classic children's show "Sesame Street." The song is called "I Love My Hair," and oh do I wish this song existed whenever I was a little girl!

It's so nice to see we have resources like this to empower our youth to look beyond the exterior and instead focus on nurturing and developing their spirit, intelligence and compassion. Take care and stay tuned for more inspiring and enlightening blog posts!