Mother's Day Message

My Grandmother, the late great Hattie C. Hopkins, used to quote Proverbs 22:6 all the time: Train a child up in the way he is to go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Indeed she was a woman of great faith and strength; whenever a child or grandchild was going through a trial in life, she never wavered. Instead she held steadfast to her faith and was confident that all she had instilled within us from infants to adults would shine through.

As I raise my daughter (and another girl on the way), my Mamal's work couldn't be more evident as I pass down what she has taught my Mom and me. I recently read a devotional by Just Joy Ministries and I firmly believe my Mother and Grandmother have done a phenomenal job raising children because they inhabited each of the 10 characteristics below. Check them out and be inspired!

What is a Mother?

1. She is a Chauffeur: "You must not merely point them (your children) in the right direction, but by the example of your life, you must take them there."

2. She is a Comedienne: "Celebrate every day that you have with your children as a rare and precious gift that is worth more than corporate promotions and career prestige." Make your home "a place of unreserved joy, laughter and music."

3. She is a Mailman: "Every important piece of information that your child receives should come from you...Keep an open atmosphere in your home so that your children are able to ask you anything at all."

4. She is a Cheerleader: A mother should only say kind words to a child and about a child...When your child is in a situation in life where they seem to be losing, you should be the one standing on your feet cheering vibrantly...Expose your children to opportunities that will cultivate their gifts."

5. She is a Coach: "The day that you become a mother is the day that you were given the heavenly responsibility of coaching your child for victory in every game in life...You are their coach - not their friend. You are their teacher - not their teammate."

6. She is a Travel Agent: "A mom spends the greatest part of life preparing children for their journey to adulthood."

7. She is a Warrior: "A mom is a warrior who fights on her knees. No one holds the power in prayer that you have been given."

8. She is Director of Homeland Security: "A mother is called and empowered by the King of Kings to protect her home from sinister enemies...Do not tolerate anything less than godliness and wisdom in your home. Make every decision not based upon popularity or emotion, but based upon Biblical principles.

9. She is a Wardrobe Stylist: "You are in charge of what heart habits and attitudes your children choose to wear...Your child will be the most beautiful version of him or herself not when they are dressed in designer clothes but when they are dressed in humility and in unconditional love."

10. She is a Cartographer: "A cartographer is a person who makes maps; a mom needs to be excellent at setting boundaries for her children...You must set boundaries not only with your words, but also with your life." No room for do as I say, not as I do Mamas!!!

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