Living your eulogy

I am currently reading a fabulous book by Arianna Huffington titled, "Thrive: The Third Metric to Refining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder." In the book, Huffington enlightens readers with the fact that every day, we are essentially writing our eulogies by how we live on in the hearts and minds of others. All too often we are frantically running on the treadmill of life, pushing ourselves beyond the point of exhaustion and not taking the time to absorb and bask in the essence of what is important in life. While this is a well-known fact in our society whenever it comes to working women who play numerous roles, such as wife, mother, boss or employee, this can also be said for stay at home mothers.

In her book, Huffington points out the sad fact that many of us spend the majority of our limited time on earth focusing on things that eulogies do not cover. For instance, I can say with confidence that none of you have attended a funeral where someone said, "She always had her family's laundry done and you never saw a crumb on the floor!" Instead, most eulogies focus on those things that cannot be measured, like how compassionate and giving someone was, or how much they loved and cared for their family.

I am a very hard working, goal-oriented person who also is guilty of running on that treadmill of life. I would constantly strive for something, attain that goal, then it was on to the next thing. I rarely took the time to enjoy my achievements along the way. However, one of the things I've dedicated my life to is educating our youth. I often say I didn't choose teaching; teaching chose me. Indeed I did not go into teaching for the pay check (LOL) and the summers off. It has always been my desire to make a difference in the lives of children. I was so very blessed to get a job working for a charter school that had the same mission and value system. I enjoyed 5 glorious years with some amazing students. Then life happened . . .

I became a mother. I quickly realized I was spending most of my time with other people's children as opposed to my own. Not only that, I felt moved to take a hiatus from teaching to help my church open a day care center. Then life happened again. I quickly found myself pregnant with baby number two and life took me on a path to rediscovering my life-long passion for writing.

Along life's journey, I have always sought to do everything with love, no matter what I am involved in at the time (teaching, dancing, parenting, etc.). I too have been guilty of losing my focus from time to time, seeking approval and recognition. However, now that I am a mother of two children and have been given the amazing opportunity to reach others through writing, I hope that I stay on track to living a life that warms hearts and makes a difference beyond superficial and menial accomplishments. It is that desire alone that I have tried to instill in my former students. Now I have two of the most important students to pass that value on  to. Wish me luck and I wish you the best as you strive to live your eulogy!