Family picture day = One HOT mess!!!

Ok, so I know some of you are going to say I should have seen this coming since I have two children under the age of two... Yesterday was the big day, Family Picture Day! I was so excited! Our first official portraits of our complete family would be taken, plus I had to get a professional headshot done and Gianna needed up-to-date modeling pictures.

I should have known by the way the morning started that I would be in for quite a treat. By the time everyone got ready, Mommy only had 20 minutes to get dolled up and that includes shower time. I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off; my panty hose ripped, I smeared mascara on my face, you name it and I can guarantee it went wrong! I quickly managed to get myself as picture-perfect as I possibly could.

So off we went! To my surprise, we arrived on time! My eldest daughter is a performer and loves getting her picture taken, especially selfies. Also, after 7 weeks of being a mother of two little ones, I felt like I had my feet on the ground and could handle picture day with ease. We got this! Right? WRONG!!!

As soon as my little entertainer walked into the photo room, she totally freaked out! The red light on the floor sealed the deal. Her mind was made up; she wanted no part of this and was planning her escape ASAP! I was in complete shock as my normally well-behaved tot threw one tantrum after another.I gave up on getting her pics done and opted to do my headshots real quick. Done. Next was family photo time. As I walked into the lobby to tell Daddy and Natalie to join us, Natalie exploded in her diaper and spit up all over herself! GREAT! We cleaned her up and I changed her diaper at lightening speed.

Finally it was family picture time! Gianna was still not cooperating but we managed to get through it, but not without Mommy getting a few gray hairs and embarrassed. LOL (Pics coming soon!) So what are some of your funny Family Picture Day moments???!!! PLEASE comment and share them with me! It will be therapeutic and give us all some laughs! :)