Beyonce and Blue Ivy's hair drama

I was recently given a link to an article about Beyoncé and her daughter, Blue Ivy. Apparently there is a petition out there in the universe via, demanding that Beyoncé take better care of her daughter's hair! Yes, I am serious! This is really out there folks!

Back in January, I decided to create a blog dedicated to Motherhood. "Denise LaRosa's Mommy Diary" was born and my writing career got off the ground! The blog post that garnered much attention was titled "LEAVE MY DAUGHTER'S HAIR ALONE!!!" I was astonished at how much emphasis people were putting on the appearance of my daughter's hair and knew it would be one of the first topics I'd write about on my blog. Fast forward 6 months and I find myself reading about this ridiculous petition! Unbelievable!!!

I am fuming for the following reasons:
1. The thoughts of complete strangers telling me what to do with my child's hair is downright disturbing and intrusive. I can't imagine how Beyoncé must feel!
2. As an African American mother, my girls' hair, in the natural, state may not fit in with the norm that society has created for tresses, but that does not mean their hair is not being cared for and that I am not a good parent! Ridiculous!
3. There are way more important things that could be petitioning for!
4. Thank God Blue Ivy isn't aware of what people are saying about her hair as of now, but you best believe she may find out about this some day and that breaks my heart! What message is this sending her and other girls about their image and self-esteem?!

Mothers are constantly under pressure and celebrity moms are no exception. Whenever a child "acts" out or his/her appearance is seen in a less than favorable light, the first person that gets the blame is the mother. We bear the most responsibility for our children in society's eyes regardless of how active and involved the father is.

Whether or not you're a fan of Beyoncé is not the point. I'm sure mothers everywhere can sympathize with her in this situation and can relate in some way. It's high time that we mothers ban together, stop judging each other and instead, support each other in any and every way we can! That is the purpose of my blog and soon-to-debut podcast - to inspire and support my fellow Mamas! I am not an expert! None of us are and it's about time we encourage each other on this journey called Motherhood!