My Montessori Journey Part 1

I love how we moms hear about the best parenting resources from our mom friends. One of my girlfriends was chatting with me about her daughter's AMAZING school and thought it may be of interest to me for my oldest daughter. 

While I am an educator and have been a stay at home/work from home mom for the past 2 years, I knew it was time for my oldest daughter to be in a classroom environment among her peers where she could continue to flourish academically and socially. Deep down in my heart, I knew I had given her a great start. Now was the time for her to spread her wings and grow in a safe, high-quality learning environment. 

We scheduled a school visit and were filled with joy and excitement as we toured the facility and met the lead preschool teacher/director of the school. This was a Montessori school, which intrigued me in a very positive way.

You see, I almost began my teaching career at a Montessori school. I remember fondly the moment when I had a tough decision to make - either take the full time teaching position at a charter school, or take the substitute teaching position at a Montessori school. Both schools were phenomenal, but I had to go with what made sense financially and take the full time teaching position at the charter school. That was over 7 years ago, so my mind was a little fuzzy whenever it came to the Montessori teaching method. 

The following Montessori characteristics stood out to me and made me excited to enroll my daughter in the Montessori program:

  • Multi-age groupings that foster peer learning
  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time
  • Guided choice of work activity
  • Montessori learning materials
  • Montessori learning environment/classroom set-up

Perhaps the biggest sign that this would be the place my daughter would learn and grow in was that she did NOT want to leave once the tour was over! Prior to this moment, she had spent very little time away from Mommy, Daddy and little sister, yet we were the last thing on her mind once she entered this Montessori classroom. I took it as a good thing that I had to take her out screaming and crying. 

After speaking with my husband, we both decided to enroll her in the Montessori school beginning in the fall of 2015. She would be 3 years old and the youngest student in her classroom. She was ready, and we were too.